Welcome to WellProof Technologies

M/s Wellproof Technologies Pvt Ltd is a joint venture company of M/s Proofings Coated Textiles Ltd, who are world renowned for manufacturing polymer coated textiles in the UK & M/s Vako Seals Pvt Ltd a reputed seals manufacturing company located in Mumbai, India.

M/s Wellproof Technologies Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing glass fibre coated with silicone, Polyurethanes, Aluminium foil sheet & many such materials for varied applications. Furthermore the company also manufactures coated fabrics from other synthetic textiles such as Nylon, Polyester & aramid coated with various polymers for any demanding application. Such coated textiles are used for defence, Nuclear, aerospace, fire & heat protection, medical & other industrial applications. All the products are now manufactured using the state of the art technology at the Wellproof Technologies plant located in Vasai near Mumbai.